Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crash course

I grant that those aforementioned ideas—that we’re all one, and that time and space do not exist—appear simple-minded. But that’s exactly how the Rickmansworth meme would seem: Plain Jane on the surface, but with hidden depths. Therefore, it’s not enough to glance at the above and declare, ‘Right, I’ve got that. Now, what else have you got on offer?’ Not so fast boys! Slow down a mite. Nuggets like these, you need to mull over.

Over the following pages, I’ll chew that cud thoroughly. This text proposes to touch on a few hoary bugbears. It sets out to demolish the odd scientific pillar. It’ll lead you where no man has gone before (and the banner we’ll march under is ‘The Sane Man is Nowhere’). I’ll drag out a bunch of thought experiments that I’d encourage you to replicate (do try these at home). Essentially, this book is a crash course in thought experimentation.

I’ll demonstrate how the results of those experiments bear on my thinking, the point being to derive an insight as to what the implications and corollaries of those findings might be. I want to write a life-changing manifesto . . . and then apply it. 


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