Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grain of salt

How did that go over? Like a lead balloon? I’m not surprised if I haven't brought on a flash of enlightenment. Sorry about that. I can see that we’ll need some context. I’m going to have to provide some scaffolding.

If it took me half a lifetime to reach this point, then I’ll probably have to lay out my thinking in more than a word, sentence, paragraph or even essay. I think a book is on the cards, boys. And, in the spirit of a 100-minute bible (yes, Virginia, there is such a critter) I plan to write it.

To make a start, I’ll pick up and brush off a couple of oft-aired but poorly understood aphorisms, because this will allow us to begin our rendezvous with the solution of all solutions. First, time and space do not exist. Second, all of us are one. 

I can imagine what’s going through your head: What? Is that it then? Is that all that you’ve got?

Yes, I know that those statements seem trite. I agree with you that they’re old hat. Those two ideas have long been floating about in the milieu. People have already taken them on board, albeit with a grain of metaphorical salt.

But that’s just it; the rub lies in that condiment. People may have ingested those aphorisms, but they haven’t properly digested them. The corollaries have not been imported into the fabric of their lives. I’m confident that this is correct, because a world view which fully accommodated the above principles would be mindblowingly different to any previous school of thinking.

The problem is that no one has taken the no-space, no-time, all-of-us-are-one idea to its logical extreme. No one has developed it. No one has followed the idea through to an inarguable conclusion.

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