Friday, July 1, 2011

Philosopher's stone

But now, let’s take a second to re-muster. We’ll just back off a pace from the windmill and lower our lances, because to claim that I’m after an easy answer is not quite accurate. I mustn’t raise the reader’s expectations quite that high.

What I mean to unearth isn’t Universal Acid, exactly, but a key, tool or device to pry at chinks in the human condition. In other words, anticipate from me a philosopher’s stone. It won’t do it all for you (it lacks the Midas touch). It will require from its wielder a little work and patience.

But take heart. It will prove powerful enough to destroy your old world view, and permit the construction of a new and marvelous replacement. The time and the effort spent will be worth it. You’ll win the hand of the princess and the crown of the kingdom to boot. The Theory of Everythink will hand you everything on a platter.

But its main purpose will be to nut out a brand-spanking ideology: Ism (‘I’ ‘is’ at this ‘M’oment). Now, that must be better than any three wishes.


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