Monday, July 4, 2011

Nose out of joint

So, it’s got to be something that appears obvious in hindsight. Of that I have no doubt. Still, for the first person to figure it out it could be a different kettle of fish. Breaking new ground might not be so straightforward a task for that lucky fellow, because the meme, however simple and easy it is at its base, must at the same time be a whopper. Undoubtedly it will be all-encompassing in scope—an oak in a nutshell. Landing it could take some effort.

And so what do you say? Do you feel inclined to join in? Let’s saddle up and start our search. Tally ho, on with the hunt!

In the pursuit of our quarry, I’m expecting to cover a lot of ground. There’s the whole wide world web to explore. We’re bound to trespass across the odd jealously-fenced field. We’re likely to step on a few toes and punch a fair number of noses out of joint. People with a vested interest in various ideologies—I allude here to religion, cosmology, philosophy, ethics, human nature, sociology and so forth—are liable to be offended. That can’t be helped; you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. So are you up for some rough-and-tumble?

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