Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pies might fly

O-k-a-y, I don’t deny that this is a formidable set of questions, so is it pie in the sky for me to expect to resolve, not just one of them—enough in itself to induce a person to keep turning (and writing) these pages—but all of them. All those birds killed with a single stone! That would seem to be an unimaginably tall order. 

Nevertheless, I am after an idea or meme that is able to explain everything to my utter satisfaction. Yes, I’m asking for the earth; why settle for anything less? Simply put, I want a full and frontal grand solution—logically elegant and overarching—to every philosophical question ever thought of. Goodness, wouldn’t such a monster deserve a suitably grand title? How about: The Theory of Everything? 

Nah, that’s been done by a bunch of egghead scientists . . . or at least it’s been attempted. Let me tweak that appellation a little. There, from now on we’ll call it:  

The Theory of Everythink.

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