Thursday, June 30, 2011

Names that drop and bounce

Certainly, the first section flowed very smoothly from there (at least it wasn’t difficult to write). I was able to maintain Adams’s light and frothy tone with the help of a few other characters. Einstein gets a mention nice and early, as do Richard Dawkins, Thom Hartmann, Mark Kingwell and others. Their presence hints that more substantial food for thought is to follow.

We’re up to
Mission possible now. I’ve mentioned how much fun it was to search the Internet for illustrations for the online version. I was after a set of images reminiscent of Hipgnosis. The same thing pertains to the hundred or so chapter headings that I came up with.  Cultural references, quirkiness, wit, and a whiff of haiku.

Those names that I drop form a coherent whole too. They are people who have taken the trouble to devise and make available their personal world views. I’m impressed by such industry. I respect and salute them. Long may they run.

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