Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heads, tails, or . . .

Let me make sure that I understand. Assuredly, your worldview is and easy to grasp, and yet it is such a difficult one to absorb—I don’t know that I even wish to. Heavens, what changes in my thinking is it going to require? To say that this has come out of left field would be missing the mark. It has come from another planet!

First, I’m required to give up the worldview that billions and billions of us—both the living and the dead (and those to come)—are individual entities living separate lives. And that each of us has a unique relationship with a higher power. Instead, you ask me to accept that there is only one super-being: all of us—including god, no less—wrapped up and lumped together. Please, give this poor sod a handle on that.

Well, I’ll certainly try, but I may not be the best person for the job; I know my strengths and limitations. Visualizing and conceptualizing are what I do best, but I struggle to spin my thinking into words.

You might care to sample a more user-friendly version. Andy Weir’s short story The Egg is doing the rounds on the Internet as I write. It gets across quite nicely the idea that we’re all one (with nary a mention of Dog). You might also find it useful to peruse Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God.

It’s a struggle for us all—all one of us—to conceptualize that which has emerged from the woodwork, and I definitely include myself. Just now it looks like a house of cards. One good breath . . . 

But please remember. These philosophical gymnastics are not simply to indulge myself. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur. It’s not about self-gratification or self-promotion. I’m not trying to cozy up to a famous figure, or become one. No, I have a grander aim, which is to use these hypotheses and postulates to explain all the unanswered mysteries of the universe.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but we’re almost done. There are only about a dozen pages to go. I’ve a few cards left to balance, and then the whole structure will solidify into bedrock. It’ll be like a jigsaw puzzle that you throw in the air . . . and, like a coin that lands on its edge multiplied by a thousand, every piece bounces into place! That isn’t something you could mistake for anything else. You wouldn't need any extra proof to know that something extraordinary had happened.

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