Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chain reaction

I feel that everything is coming together nicely, like a classical piece of music—a concert or symphony or whatever term is the proper one. You know—the one that has Movements. I’m enjoying how earlier themes are returning to combine and develop. The whole is starting to appear and make sense. It’s like watching a video of scrambled eggs in reverse.

Einstein refused to have anything to do with developing the atomic bomb, but here he sets off a veritable chain reaction. His appearance triggers a closer examination of the phenomenon of, not relativity, but reincarnation. And that soon mutates into a super-charged version of that mechanism.

The one reincarnation event quickly goes ballistic. Every being is enveloped by its blast, and that explosion is not a one-off but a continuous roar. It is not confined to the one location but occurs globally. In terms of time, there can be a lag, but it can also occur in an instant. It is not restricted to humans, but extends to the natural world.

I hint at backward-in-time travel, but first I establish a pattern of regularly summing up where we’re at, an important touch-base exercise in such a tumultuous part of the narrative. Yes, it’s all happening at once . . .

And then I deliberately slow down.

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