Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Killing fields

Devil in this guise finds me stomping through a minefield. There are risks in voicing huge and blasphemous thoughts. Ask Salman Rushdie. It is difficult enough to get someone to entertain seriously the idea that we are all one, but you drastically worsen your odds when you include in that unity God Itself. You bite on that bullet at peril.

And so I’ve kept things low key by referring to other texts and enlisting other authors:
The Egg by Andy Weir and Conversations With God. I try to build up my construct methodically and logically. I argue that my ideas, although they lie well off the radar, aren’t dangerous (ha, not much!). I demonstrate that they hang together, and because of that deserve to be considered despite the fact that they may defy the consensus ‘wisdom’.

I offer up a paradox as an example. Two things seem to fly in the face of one another: We feel ourselves separate, yet we know that we are One.

There follows a spate of thought experimentation that skirts past rich fields of sleep, dreaming and growth. We never question certain things about them, so it could be interesting to look at them with a fresh brain. As our story approaches its end, all of its points coalesce. I find myself straining not to follow up such leads.

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