Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healthy blasphemy

Anyway, I hadn’t meant to blather on about God, religion and the like. There’s nothing worse for turning people off. Pepper religious words throughout your tome, and potential readers will discard your work in droves (I tell you, I play with fire). If you’re anything like me, you’ll harbor a healthy aversion to religion in any shape, manner or form. If that is so, then please accept my apologies. 

However, if I’m to present a meaningful philosophy of life then I can’t in all honesty avoid bumping shoulders with the big boys. Apart from the study of Philosophy—is that quaint subject still taught?—organized religions have more-or-less cornered the market, and so to some extend there’s a need for me to intrude on their patch and bandy swords with the bastards. 

As far as religions go, I must be blunt. No more beating about the bush. This may sound shocking, but it has got to be said. Every religion is miles wide of the mark. I tell you, the Jesuses, Mohammeds and Buddhas of this world may have been well-meaning, but they were neophytes.  

And in the next few lines I’ll prove it.

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