Monday, May 2, 2011

Needs more pepper

Get ready for another character to join the cast of—what was it again—Starry Night for Lust? Vincent is to be joined onstage by another personage from history. No less a figure than our old friend Einstein is preparing himself to step onto the stage (he’s in make-up now). He has earned a permanent spot after a number of successful guest appearances. But before he makes his entrance, I’ll risk peppering the next few paragraphs with another loaded word or two.

Maybe ‘loaded’ is too harsh, because these days terms like ‘reincarnation’ and ‘transmigration’ are quite tame. No, they probably won’t hurt. They may actually boost customer interest because of their mildly exotic flavor, just as women’s magazines sell more copies when they feature a member of royalty on their cover. Some Eastern spice may also help to moderate any mainstream hellfire. How hot can you stand your curry?

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