Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Muddling through

I’m sure I’m not the only agnostic ever to have put god on the spot. ‘Do what I ask or else,’ is without doubt an unoriginal demand. But I’m quite likely the only person who has considered the outcome from a no-time perspective. Whether Dog answers to its name seconds, years or even lifetimes later, is immaterial. It’s all equally good, don’t you know? Now that’s an eye-opener!

The other two blasts from that past consist of my becoming involved with TM, and my first attempt to break away from organized religion by designing my own—good healthy boundary-testing behavior from a teenager.

This passage, which leads us up to the final development of ideas for my magnum opus, is admittedly rather muddled, but that is necessary as it needs to weave together a few disparate threads. I believe that it gels well enough. For one thing—and it’s a biggie—we have come up with a sensible definition of God. It’s neat how the centre-of-the-universe concept is developed into a ranking system that will pop up a totem pole top cat.

The bitterest pill to stomach here is that we can never expect perfection. The god that we end up with may not be as high and mighty as we’d like her to be. Guru figures, systems of thinking, even the concept of enlightenment—none of them are beyond reproach. None can be relied on absolutely.

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