Monday, May 23, 2011

Sex, politics and religion

I’ve put it off for almost half of the book, but I can’t do so any longer. What I refer to is the discussion of religion. I can avoid sex and politics easily enough, but the nature of this book means that there’s no way to steer clear of the third big conversational no-no. But I warned you about that at the beginning.

Is it going to be a problem for you? You see, people have a tendency to identify with their beliefs. And beliefs underlie both politics and religion. We align with like-minded others and form a tribe, if you will. And a critical examination of their shared beliefs is perceived as an attack on the group and, by extension, that person’s core identity. He or she can get irrational and go on the offensive.

But I can appreciate where they’re coming from. Although I may give the appearance of being able to discuss the topic with dispassion, it wasn’t always like that. While my own philosophical framework was still shaky, I felt distinctly uneasy in a religious environment. My emotions ran close to the surface too.

Are we big enough to get over it now? If we can just get over this hump, I guarantee that the rest of the journey is all downhill.

I share three items from my background that could be relevant. They embarrass me now, but they may defuse the situation. By revealing a little more of my nature, it may show that I’m human, and that I’m fallible. (That I’m weird.)

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