Friday, June 3, 2011

Foot coffins

I’ll illustrate the above with an example that may be trivial, but it makes the point. One of the ways in which I resist the pressure of my peers is by not wearing footwear. I wouldn’t say exactly that it’s a matter of ‘integrity, spirituality and morality’, but when I march barefooted, I’m step to the tune of my inner drum. 

And then society sticks in its oar. “Where are your shoes?” I get asked. How strange! I don’t ask what colour underwear they have on, and so I reply, “Don’t worry, I always wear shoes . . . whenever it’s necessary.” 

Really, though, footwear isn’t the issue. What people really want to know is why you are behaving in an unconventional manner. Who does that person think he is to be bucking the system? He’s a threat. It’s our job to get him back into line.

I behave differently to most other people because I must. I insist on doing so. Aside from the reason that it’s fun to provoke a reaction, I must be myself. I behave differently because I think differently. It’s as simple as that. And I bare my toes as fair warning: man with a mind of his own approaching.   

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