Friday, June 10, 2011

Spiral staircase

In Raison d’etre we returned, essentially, to the idea that kick-started the previous chain of events, namely that ideas can be dangerous. Previously, I looked at the danger from the author’s point of view. Now, I consider it from the point of view of a reader. But really, it’s the same thing. Authors read also. Teachers learn too.

Over the next page or so, I circle back to touch on, and further develop, several other sub-themes. The first of these is the danger potential of me as an ideas man. I reflect how often authors inadvertently push the wrong buttons. Their audiences leave in droves . . . and return with books to build a bonfire. I assure my readership that I’m harmless (in
Mostly harmless) by giving my word I’m a flexible fellow, but you only have my word for that, if you get my meaning.

Cerebral ammunition I tease out a little more about how to extract good nutrition from junk food.  And then in Identity check I once more come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to reveal a little of myself to make friends. Finally, this round is ‘rounded off’ when another book, No Ordinary Genius, pops up just when I need it to make my point (two books if you include The Double Helix). You can turn all sorts of raw matter into useful material (after longish periods in the laboratory).

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