Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preface to the second edition

Welcome (me) back. It’s been a year or three since I completed the first edition of Will? I Am! However, that version was only a stopgap, and I knew it. Although at the time I was pretty pleased with it, I was always aware that I had more to say. I indicated as much, but was in a hurry to bung at least a rough & ready version online in case I was side-tracked or otherwise taken out of circulation.
What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was that I would want to rewrite so much of what I’d written. It dismayed me to discover so many pages of useless, uninteresting and repetitious material. My explanations were often poor, and my linking was non-existent in places. A lot of reorganization was called for, so I steeled myself to kill off a whole tribe of little darlings. I’ve since had a whack at it and eliminated a lot, but no doubt there are more to go.
It could take forever to do a perfect job, but I wouldn’t want to wait that long. So here’s the plan: I’ll dive right into that running commentary that I promised you. Otherwise I might never get started. I’ll go through—section by section—and get my work up to scratch. Along the way, I’ll be reminded of points that I’d forgotten to make. I may make them there and then. If not, then I’ll include them in Part Two.
No wait . . . that’d make it Part Three.

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