Friday, November 11, 2011

Rose by another name

As per the fashion of the day, I used a two-parter as the name of my book.  Its working title was originally Will? I Am! But it grew on me and I’ve kept it. The pun on my name also serves to indicate that the notion of time will be important as a theme. The subtitle also flags that the book is a philosophical ToE (so be warned).  

Theory of Everythink alludes, of course, to the famous—and undiscovered—theory Einstein hoped to discover in the later part of his life. He did not, and no one ever has, at least not in the field of Physics. It would have combined or absorbed gravitational equations into the other electromagnetic and quantum stuff that he’d done, as far as I understand (or am interested in finding out). It’s not for me, and it’s not what Will? I Am! is about.

You’ll notice that I changed the last letter in the title from a ‘g’ to a ‘k’. I had a couple of reasons for doing that. First, it reflects that the main tool du jour used is thought experimentation. Second, it hints that the tone will be light-hearted; ‘think’ is often how the uneducated pronounce ‘thing’. Finally, I introduced the hyphen in Theo-ry when I remembered that Van Gogh, who features prominently in the book, had a brother by that name.

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