Friday, May 13, 2011

Take your best shot

Phew, that might have knocked our some of your stuffing out. Your turn, now—have a go at running your own mind experiment. I’ll start you off with a gentle push; you just steer and balance. Let me ask you: What is the grandest thing that you can imagine? What’s the most marvelous thought that your head will contain? Whatever you propose, I assure you that I can top it.

Is that so? You’ll take me up on that? You think you can dream a dream that is larger than mine? Okay then, take a swing at it.

A room filled with fish and chips. All the ice-cream in the world . . . all the tea in China . . . a million dollars . . . a billion . . .

Come on, you can do better than that.

I want to be the very richest, the most powerful, the most attractive . . .
Really, you disappoint me.

I see myself as the ruler of all, an Emperor, the head of my own religion . . .

Peanuts my friend, peanuts.

I am the incarnation of Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus . . .

Is that really as high as you’re able to aspire?

I can travel back in time. I am immortal—a never-ending story. I’m Superman and Batman both . . .

I tell you, you are merely scratching the surface.

I declare myself an angel . . .

So what?

I announce that I’m the Devil. I am a god . . . God Himself!

I tell you honestly, my vision for us is much, much greater than even that. Hang onto your seat. I'm about to inform you.

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