Thursday, March 31, 2011

Appendix 2: One hundred things about me

1.    The Doors is/are my favorite group
2.    Eggplant is my favorite vegetable
3.    I resumed stamp collecting after a hiatus of four decades
4.    I find public speaking easy
5.    I fall asleep within minutes
6.    I score highly on I.Q. tests (whatever that implies)
7.    I've completed several walks of over 1000 km . . . barefoot
8.    I’ve trekked in the Himalayas
9.    I didn’t speak English until I started school

10.    I’ve travelled by ship through both the Panama and Suez canals
11.    My first child is 23 years older than the youngest

12.    I have a B.Sc. in Biochemistry
13.    I can’t use urinals
14.    I spent more than 8 years on a book that was never published
15.    I’ve written over 5000 haiku over a ten-year span
16.    I’ve lived and worked in India and Japan
17.    I was vegetarian for 25 years

18.    I learned to meditate at age 15
19.    I took piano lessons for 5 years, passing every exam, but one, with honors
20.    I suspect that I’ve high-level functioning Asperger’s syndrome

Not me

21.    I can almost ride a unicycle
22.    I’ve lost track of the number of marathons I’ve run
23.    I’m happily married for the second time
24.    I've cycled comfortably on snow and ice
25.    I don’t watch TV
26.    I rarely drink, and have never been drunk
27.    I’ve never done any drug
28.    My gall bladder, along with 14 stones, was removed
29.    I have read aloud the entire The Lord of the Rings
30.    I was born at midnight but don’t know the date of my birth or zodiac sign
31.    I once walked 150 kilometres in 35 hours
32.    I only got my car driver’s license at the age of 28
33.    I have appeared on two TV game shows

34.    I relate to Kwai Chang Caine more than I do David Carradine
35.    As a teenager I was really into Surrealism, Op Art and Dada
36.    I have memories from when I was a baby (cribs, nappies, bath-time)
37.    One of my great-grandmothers lived to be 100
38.    My first favorite movies were Papillion and 2001: A Space Odyssey
39.    I use the bathroom several times during the night
40.    I use earplugs whenever it’s too noisy
41.    I can read whilst walking
42.    The first cuisine I ever mastered was Indian
43.    I spent a week travelling across the USA by bus
44.    In my fifties, I weigh what I did when I was 17
45.    I remember when The Beatles broke up
46.    I remember Robert Kennedy being shot, but not his brother
47.    I can’t abide gardening
48.    I hated how my face changed when I turned 16

49.    Heinlein’s The Door into Summer was the first book I stayed up all night to read
50.    Our family first got television to see the moon landing
51.    I am 16 years older than my wife, but we feel the same age
52.    I still hope to set a personal best for the marathon
53.    I tend to wear the same comfortable clothes
54.    When I began cycle-touring, traffic wasn’t yet a problem
55.    I could walk at the age of 10 months
56.    I’m still in the process of figuring myself out
57.    I have never bought bottled water
58.    I am most content in my own company
59.    My fingernails are thin, round and flat
60.    I have the hairiest legs of anyone I know
61.    I don’t put salt on my meal
62.    Too much sugar makes me sneeze

63.    I hate to lose at chess . . . but also to win
64.    I’m not attracted to Western women
65.    I can’t imagine being homosexual (though am not homophobic)
66.    After Muhammad Ali retired, so did I (from watching boxing)
67.    I own thousands of books
68.    I knew it was true the instant that I learned about Peak Oil
69.    I feel at home in Japan
70.    I could eat bibimbap every night
71.    I'm the only one in my family never to have smoked
72.    I never use an alarm clock
73.    I have gone for more than a year without toilet paper
74.    I’m allergic to nothing that I know of
75.    I get second hand clothes and wear them into the ground
76.    I like using computers, but they frustrate me
77.    I’ve entertained the ex-Prime Minister of my country at my home

78.    I started listening to rock after watching a Jimi Hendrix documentary
79.    I always read on the toilet (I must)
80.    I use the smallest dab of toothpaste when I brush
81.    I hardly use soap or shampoo
82.    I’m an excellent teacher, but it leaves me exhausted
83.    I’ve never owned a dishwasher

84.    I’m not averse to foraging
85.    I attempted to set a world record in 2008, 2009 and 2010
86.    I own perfectly good tape cassettes over 30 years old

87.    I’ve never been in trouble with the law
88.    When I stroke the left corner of my mouth, the inside of my left ear itches
89.    I grew a beard for 16 years
90.    In my teens, I read nothing but science fiction
91.    Every year my wisdom grows exponentially, yet I feel I’m just a neophyte
92.    I could do anything that I set my mind to; I just don’t want to
93.    At school I was second in my year, but the top guy was literally a genius
94.    In a face-to-face situation, I can’t speak to save myself
95.    I’ve never had a broken bone
96.    I haven't any tattoos or body piercing
97.    I'm named after both grandfathers
98.    I feel most at ease in other countries
99.    I’ve spent as much on a photo-editing workstation as on a house
100.    I’ve solved the mystery of being to my own satisfaction

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