Friday, April 1, 2011

Appendix 1: Questions for the asking

1.    What happens when we die?
2.    Is there an afterlife?
3.    Does my pet have a soul?
4.    Are all religions on the right track, one of them, or none?
5.    Is there a god (we can depend on)?
6.    If so, what is our relation to He, She or It?
7.    Is there a purpose in life, or are we free to eat, drink and make merry?
8.    Are we more responsible to ourselves, or to others?
9.    Do we possess free will?
10.    Are we governed by destiny?
11.    Does a law of karma operate?
12.    Does reincarnation occur?
13.    Is transmigration possible?
14.    Is there a guru who knows what it’s all about?
15.    What do I do to get enlightened?
16.    Good and evil—which is which, and why?
17.    Do heaven and/or hell exist?
18.    Do souls need ‘saving’?
19.    Is sinning a worry?
20.    Are people punished for doing wrong, and rewarded for doing right?
21.    Is it wrong to kill (for food)?
22.    Why is a wicked world tolerated by a higher power?
23.    What makes something alive or dead?
24.    What is the meaning of existence?
25.    Déjà vu consists of what?
26.    What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’?
27.    Does logic lead us anywhere useful?
28.    What is our role/mission/duty?
29.    What is reality?
30.    Soul, mind and body—how do they operate?
31.    Is sex okay for purposes other than procreation?
32.    Is there merit in abstaining from alcohol, drugs, meat and tobacco?
33.    What is the nature of consciousness?
34.    Where do other life forms fit into the picture?
35.    What is the nature of time, space and infinity?
36.    What does being at the centre of the universe tell me?
37.    Why aren’t other people much bothered by questions like these?
38.    Where precisely in my body is ‘home base’?
39.    Where do I go when I sleep?
40.    Am I the same person that was as a child?
41.    What are memories?
42.    What are dreams?
43.    If I achieve self-actualization, what next?
44.    To strive for enlightenment—is that the ultimate goal?
45.    How does one achieve perfect happiness?
46.    Is love the pinnacle of what it means to be human?
47.    What do I do when I have a different opinion from the consensus?
48.    How can I be both ordinary and uniquely special (I feel that I’m both)?
49.    I feel separate from, yet connected to others—which is it?
50.    Is their a ranking or importance of species?
51.    Is it okay to regard our family and friends as more important than others?
52.    Where do I fit into history?
53.    How do I reconcile my worldview with that of others?
54.    Do I live according to ‘standard’ practice, or do I go my own way?
55.    To hold some belief—is that warranted?
56.    If there’s only one answer, doesn’t that make everyone else wrong?
57.    Are artificial intelligence and the singularity on the agenda for the future?
58.    Is there life on other planets?
59.    Are there parallel universes?
60.    Is time travel possible?
61.    When and where are the beginning and the end of time?
62.    Was there a Big Bang?
63.    Does Einstein’s god play dice?
64.    Should we be concerned about aliens, UFOs and terrorists?
65.    How do we stop wars once and for all?
66.    Is human nature an insoluble problem?
67.    How can we stem nationalism/tribalism?
68.    Is it meritorious to sacrifice your life to save another?
69.    What would bring about spontaneous global co-operation?
70.    What would bring about a global mind shift?
71.    What would render all previously wrong thinking obsolete?
72.    Does the meme of ‘progress’ work for us?
73.    What is the cure for greed?
74.    How can fear and worry be nullified?
75.    How may negative emotions such a jealousy, envy and enmity be avoided?
76.    What is the crux of the mind-over-matter conundrum?
77.    What stops people applying the golden rule?
78.    What knowledge would empower us never ever again to panic?
79.    Should we live in the present, the past, or concentrate on the future?
80.    Are some people ‘higher’ than others?

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