Monday, April 11, 2011

Time of the essence

Starting out, I didn’t suspect the degree that time would prove to be pivotal in the centre of my new world view. And so it’s apt that I tackle that concept from a number of directions so as to try and instil a thorough understanding.

Apart from the jabberwocky, I call upon the imagery of blurred statues, clocks on the wall, the other three dimensions plus happy motoring. I only touch upon cause and effect, free will and the concept of right and wrong, but only so as to stay on track. They are definite contenders for revisiting.

Nesting dolls and decks of cards work famously for me, but they may not for others. Stick figures, however, are fun, and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy them. I’ve included that classic cinematic cliché of calendar leaves being blown by the wind (so effective in black and white). Birthday parties are always popular—and a useful simplification along the lines of our 24-hour reincarnation. Also, it’s just as well that we live in a computer age where the idea of instant downloading is not too foreign (though in real life it’s slower). Finally, there’s that gatecrashing at the mansion of a thousand eyes.

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