Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walsch's take

Neil Donald Walsch claims to talk with God directly. If you’re not familiar with his Conversations With God books, then that might sound presumptuous. But cut the fellow some slack. He speaks a lot of sense (and the other fellow too). Basically, Walsch’s take of the cosmological situation is as follows:

God was once lonely. He was bored, because it’s no fun being God when you’ve no one to play with. You see, you’re in a bind when you’re God, because by definition you are everything imaginable. God is everything, and so there’s no room for an ‘other’.

And so God decided to liven the party up in the only way possible: he split himself into a bunch of gatecrashers. God arranged matters so that those bits of Himself had no knowledge of their common origin. This was so that the different entities could have relationships with one another. They could get to know one another as playmates. 

This explains all the variety that we find in the universe. It's so that God can have a damn fine time! According to Neale, God views himself, enjoys herself, expresses and extrudes itself through us.

There, wasn’t that a lot clearer than the last 50,000 words?

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