Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not this, that

Let me put a few more cards on the table. I don’t claim to be a mainstream philosopher or scientist (though I have a degree). I‘m not interested in acting out the part of an academic: incrementing the tedious anthills of others with micro-spoonsful of bullshit of my own. I do what I do with leaps of intuition. Just like Ed de Bono, I ain’t going to riddle my thinking with no stinking references. Also, rest assured that I’m not into any religion—I’m no theologist or ideologue. I don’t claim to be spiritual or a mystic. I don’t easily or willingly slip into the role of teacher, lecturer or guru. I’m neither a genius nor an autistic savant.

That I feel myself to be special is nothing special. Everyone, if they live authentically and occupy themselves mainly with what feels right for them, will be the most interesting person that they know. Still, you might wish to take a gander at the state of the nation and peruse the appendix: 100 things about me. But you’re just as welcome to skip it by and flip through to the present point in time.

Now, in my middle age, I find that I’ve gained an insight into the ultimate reality. However, I’ve only just arrived there—am still in the process of arriving—so it will be a while before I get everything squared away. That may explain the state of these pages. Until everything is ship-shape, things will seem a little messy. Please bear with me (and maybe lend a hand).


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