Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enough on my plate

I’m not here to convince or debate. I’m not going to prop up what I say by dragging out a phalanx of previous thinkers—giants on whose shoulders I propose to stand and rant. I am not claiming to have developed—or be developing—a watertight system of thinking, or a way of apprehending reality. 

True, that is the direction in which I want to head, but all I wish to do here is document my journey. I don’t see it as my job to make my discoveries fit in with what has gone before and thereby satisfy the conventional view. I won’t take it on because I don’t consider that my brief. I’ve enough on my plate as it is. Others may have a go later. That’s up to them, and they’d be welcome. By all means, if anyone out there is that way inclined, take up the cudgels on my behalf and run with them (it’s supposed to be good exercise). 

As for me, I’m grappling at the limits of my strength with ideas that, for me at least, lie at the highest possible heights of comprehension—the Everest of what is humanly possible without oxygen. You take a step then rest five minutes. Lurch forward another pace and rest some more. It may seem as if I have it altogether, but that’s an illusion. I can only only hold a line or two of this text in my head at any one instant (this book is a manual for me to read and learn from just as well). But in saying that, I’ll pretend that I know what I’m talking about—which I do, just not everything at once—and I’ll do my best to present this narrative as best I can.

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