Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Satisfy yourself first

I’ve just done a check. Altogether I’ve made four pages’ worth of comments on the first fourteen pages of edition one. Not too bad, don’t you agree? Not too verbose?

But the next bit took some work to help it flow. It required a good deal of rearrangement. Time after time I return to previous points, sub-themes and people (Feynman and Einstein). Think of it as a layering operation.  I wonder what it is about Nazi Germany that grabs my focus? Certainly a lot of what happened at that time bears fruitful scrutiny.

In any case, the essence of the section
Identity check through to Welcome to my world boils down to an exploration of the term sanity. Am I ‘a lad insane’ or am I not? Either way, I trust I’ve convinced you. Be sure before you continue.

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